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Sewing for a Cause...

I have come across a huge inventory of FREE T Shirts

I have an abundance of weave and wigs that I can't seem to give away to my local hairdresser/ barber schools, so I had to think of how I could put all of this to use, and the Universe sent me a message online... it was an article about a local woman taking old furniture and making a nice comfy bed for the dog and kitty shelters. It must be so scary for these animals to be locked in a cage with no one to love them. As much as I'd want to adopt them all, I have allergies and my hubby has lost too many pets in his lifetime. I am not "allowed" to bring any strays home. My next best idea is to give them my loving energy with some cozy beds and pillows.

I grabbed this little sewing machine, it does the trick for these small projects.

Here goes nothing!

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